01 November 2010

engineering~ still the 'hot' sector (":")

entah angin ap yg buat sy trus membaca apa sahaja bahan bacaan kat rumah ni..
cuma ada sehari dua lepas, baba ada bagi sy majalah GradAsia special edition for engineering graduates..
ckup menarik dan informative..content majalah tu, memang sesuai untuk engineering graduates..
ada byk artikel dan nasihat kaunseling untuk graduan..ble dah bace dan belek2, sy tertarik sangat dengan satu artikel ni..artikel yg dicoret oleh salah sorang chemical engineer, Dr Engr Ramlee Karim..
according to him, engineering remains one of the top choices among technical courses..means, engineering students should not to worry about moving elsewhere bcoz we have been provided with a solid foundation..
he also advised graduating engineers to be adaptable, bcoz getting an engineering job would mean looking outside of Malaysia too..the vital quality that employers look for is leadership skill..we need to realise engineering is something nobody can do alone, right?? secondly, i'm so suprised bcoz the quality that they look for is, love the environment..in every career, there will be challenges and the main challenges; money budget for their work..he have wise words for any young engineering graduate..
apply the ABC..bukan ye, abc yg adeq2 kte bace tp such a good formula for us to look foward..
ABC::: Always Be Confident..
to achieve that we would need to be prepared..preparation begins in university..
try to go into an interview with our best academic results and sufficient extra-curricular activities..
also try to be articulate at the interview..remember, communication is important skill for us to improve whether, among frenz or public..

disunting dan dicetak rompak dari~
GradAsia Engineering 2008

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